Passions and Skills

Difficulty Chart

  • 0 or less: attempt to do things, but only make things worse;
  • 1: make yourself happy;
  • 2: accomplish a task; have a tangible impact on the world;
  • 3: do something “correctly;” impress people around you;
  • 4: do something effective — something that moves you closer to your goals;
  • 5: do something productive — something that makes your life better.
  • 6: do something that looks damn good — impressive, dramatic, and cool;
  • 7: do something really effective, moving you a lot closer to your goals;
  • 8: do something really productive — it will make your life a lot better;
  • 9 or more: do the right thing, for some fuzzy definition of right.

A level 2 Passion would let you complete a homework assignment, fix a leak, or work your way through a piano sonata. A level 3 Skill would let you practice professionally — for instance, a lawyer with Skill: Law (3) wouldn’t necessarily win any given case, but they’d be perfectly competent, with a solid professional manner and functional legal arguments. You also get the benefits of lower-level effects, at your option — for instance, a productive action is usually effective and can be “correct” or satisfying if you like.

Mortals and Powers have 8 points of Will.
Over the course of the day a character can spend Will in chunks of 1, 2, 4, or 8 to ascend the difficulty chart above. It’s easy to spend 1 Will; it’s reasonable to spend 2; and spending 4 or 8 is really hard — if you push yourself that way too often, or for too long, you might overstrain yourself, give yourself a heart attack, or at least let the rest of your life fall to pieces. The HG can represent these effects by wounding one of your Normal Health levels.
Spending Will creates an Intention. An Intention is written as a sentence fragment, sentence, or short paragraph. It embodies a temporary course of action, devotion, dedication, way of handling things, or belief. Its rating is equal to [the highest relevant Passion or Skill, plus the Willpower spent] and you can use it as a temporary Passion or Skill to achieve things from the chart above. For instance, you could add 1 Will to a level 2 Diplomacy Skill to create a level 3 Intention — “Mingle with the aristocracy.”

Passions and Skills

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